This post is intended to give you some of the basics about creating the web page for the record you research. The directions here are not exhaustive, though, so please let me know if you want to do something and can’t figure out how.

The first step is to create a new page, which you do by clicking “Pages” in the left hand menu of the dashboard and then clicking “Add New” at the top. On the right hand side of the page, you’ll find a few formatting options. You should select “Recordings” from the dropdown menu named “Parent.” The template is up to you, although for this project, I prefer either “full width template” or “no sidebar template.” (These will create a page that doesn’t have any of the sidebar widgets, like the Twitter feed and calendar, and to my admittedly OCD eye, it’s rather more pleasing for a page that is presenting research.)

You should give your page a title indicating what it’s about. The content of your page will go in the text box in the center. I strongly recommend that you write your text in a word processor before putting it into the website, because this may make it easier for you to revise and edit. When entering content, there are a few things you might want to do:

  • Create sections within the page: The simplest way to do this is to use the formatting dropdown menu above the text box. The default setting is for “Paragraph,” but you can use the headings to create bold titles that will visually divide the content on the page into sections.
  • Insert pictures: First of all, be careful not to use copyrighted material! (If you have a copyrighted image that you think you absolutely have to use, talk to me and we can see if we can justify the use as “fair use.”) Try using the Creative Commons Search Engine to find images that are in the public domain or that are published with a creative commons license. To load the images into your page, put the cursor where you want the image and click “Add Media” above the text box. That will show you the selection of media that have already been uploaded to this site (such as all the articles I have posted). From there, click the “Upload Files” tab and add your image to the library. Once you’ve done this, you can select the image in the library. On the left of the library box, you’ll see text fields where you can enter captions, source information, etc. Click “Insert into page.”
  • Embed video: This is actually much easier than adding pictures, because you only need the URL of the video you want to add to the page. If you are using a public video site like YouTube, you don’t need to worry about copyright, because you are not actually copying anything—you are merely creating a link to YouTube, which hosts the content and therefore covers the copyright issues for the video. To embed a YouTube video, go to YouTube and find the video you want. Highlight and copy the web address from the top of your browser. Then return to this site and paste the address directly into the body of your page text. The video should then be automatically embedded. (Note: YouTube has an “Embed” option in its “Share” menu. Do not use this! That embedding uses iframes, and it won’t be recognized by WordPress.) You can also do this with other sites like Vimeo and SoundCloud, although the procedures are slightly different. You can look for directions on the relevant site about how to embed content.

Once you’re finished creating the content on your page, click the “Preview” button in the upper right to see what your page will look like when you publish it. If everything looks good, then click “Publish” below that.

There’s one last step that you should do so that we can easily navigate to your page. Hover over “Appearance” in the left hand menu, and click “Menus.” You’ll now be in the “Edit Menus” tab, and the top left of that page should be a section titled “Pages.” You’ll see all of the pages that have been created on this site. Find your record page in that section and check the box to the left of it. Then click “Add to Menu.” You’ll see that your page has been added to the bottom of the list of menu items in the larger box on the right. Drag your menu up so that it is directly beneath the “Records” menu entry, and if it hasn’t already done so, drag it to the right. Click “Save Menu” at the top of the box. Now your record page will be accessible as a dropdown item from the top menu of our website.

Congratulations—you’ve published your research to the web!