13 Reasons Why

Music has the power to evoke feelings in, almost, all human beings. The way ┬áin which media outlets use music to incite audiences can be either masterful or disastrous. Don’t worry, this post is gonna be about what I think is one of the best chosen soundtracks: the one from 13 reasons why.

I have to start with the song that gave the idea of writing this post. “Young & Unafraid”The 80s vibe this track gives me is simply amazing.


This second song was playing while Hannah’s mom was thinking about her now dead daughter. I think the track depicts with such gusto that sense of emptiness.


“The Night We Met” is probably one of the most popular songs in this soundtrack since it is played several times throughout the series. It takes us back to the night Hannah and Clay realize they like each other.


Now I have to finish with one of the songs that stayed in my head long after I was done watching the series. As Hannah is preparing to commit suicide the song Vienna by Ultravox is played. “It means nothing to me” hard-hitting words.


This mix of current songs with 80s hits make for an unequivocal soundtrack. Bravo!!


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