The recent release of a remixed version to Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”, that features Justin Beiber, has put the song to an even higher level of popularity than it already was. When I first heard this song with Justin Bieber singing in the opening, I found myself downloading an originally foreign song that I would otherwise not have taken a second glance at. Once I realized how big Fonsi’s “Despocito” already was, prior to the remix featuring Justin Beiber, I became very interested in the motive of Bieber to want to feature. More largely, I found myself questioning how this incorporation of songs, in foreign language, into mainstream Western music can have implications towards the process of globalization.

The aspect of interest, in this case, seems to be the degree to which a well liked artist (relating to personal taste) can influence your perception of a song. For me, Justin Bieber is an awesome artist and I really appreciate his music. So, the fact that he featured in the song gave it that something extra which influenced me to download it. It was a matter of 30-40 seconds of one of my favorite artist singing, while the rest of the song is unchanged, for me to appreciate it. The implications of this process have become clearer to me the more i’ve listened to “despacito”, as I have found myself learning the spanish parts and somewhat vibing to other spanish music, one other of late includes Chris Browns “as I am”. Perhaps, the more that foreign cultures (to one another) can collaborate in music, the more potential we have for appreciating each other’s cultures.

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