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There have been many perks to paying the extra $5 a month for Spotify premium: playing music without blowing through data when I’m not connected to wifi, not having to deal with the endless commercials the ‘normal’ Spotify had, or the Spotify running feature. To say the least, the investment was well worth it and I definitely get my money’s worth (currently listening to my Spotify as I’m writing this blog post).

One of the features I just learned about was the “release radar”, which keeps you updated with new songs and releases from favorite artists. The songs on the playlist are based on the types of music I most frequently listen to. The result is a mixture of all my favorite genres, styles, and artists mixed together. Release radar exposes me to new music that I may not have otherwise come across on my own. Release radar is new every Monday, then Friday is the premier of “New Music Friday”, which is a playlist of more recent music.

According to an article published on “The Verge”, Spotify utilizes audio research and has hired musicologists to listen to new music and categorize it ( Since there is not substantial information about how people will react to the new album or what the “vibe” of it is, these people must figure out a way to sort it accordingly. This allows it to then be sorted to best fit people’s interests and tastes. It’s interesting to think about the logistics behind how the music ends up on my Release Radar. It is easy to overlook the intricate and complex process that categorizes and places music into certain personalized playlists.

A few songs on my Release radar this week that were especially engaging this week were “In the Blood” by John Mayer and “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. I am a fan of both of these artists, but haven’t heard new music from them in a while. I would recommend listening to either of these songs, as they are catchy, but also mellow and relaxing.

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  1. I think that this is a huge perk to Spotify. I’ve had Spotify premium for a while now, and I recently started to question whether I should switch to Apple Music since a lot of my friends use that. I’m perfectly content with Spotify it’s just that I already have the music app on my iPhone so it wouldn’t be the craziest idea to have Apple Music too. Plus, a lot of music is released onto Apple Music first before any other music streaming app. When I thought about switching, I turned to the internet to help me decide. There were all these links comparing the two, but in the end Spotify always came out on top. The top reason for why consumers voted on Spotify over Apple music was because of the release radar or discover weekly — where Spotify compiles a playlist of new songs based off the music you listen too. Probably formed by musicologists too. I personally enjoy Spotify better because it offers more features but that I could also just be comfortable with it and not willing to give Apple Music a chance… but I can’t afford to spend $5 on both a month.

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