Success in Music

It seems as though the music industry, in Western culture anyway, is in constant search for the “new” thing, of which, less and less people are aspiring to provide. There seems to be a number of reasons for this, as presented by Vince Neilstein in his article “Why it’s harder to become a musician than ever before”.

Neilstein outlines certain trends that are emerging in the music industry that are contributing to this steep climb for modern music artists. He attributes the increase in competition, greater ease in recording your own music, and a drying up of the “talent pool” all towards what seems to be a dying music culture. An interesting aspect Neilstein focuses is the increasingly individualized nature of musical pursuit i.e. where have all the bands gone?

I thought this was an interesting insight because it is almost counter-intuitive. The formation of a band is inherently unique and you can make your own stamp on the music industry. Everything about it makes it seem like the way to go in if you are looking for musical success. Bands are often subject to much more scrutiny with regards to how much they tour and perform live, which is perhaps the reason for the lack of interest.

All of this is reflective on our skewed Western intent around music. After reading “Making a musician”, it is clear that music in our culture acts as an avenue for success or popularity. In other cultures it is the celebration of music that is important; focussing on the process of the creation of music as opposed to the outcome.

Why It’s Harder to Be a Successful Musician Than Ever Before

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