I’m afraid I’ve never had any talent for playing or performing music;  I spent two years in middle school playing the alto saxophone, but quit because my high school did not have a band, and have not taken up any instruments since that time.  I’m also not good at singing and so I haven’t performed at all in a musical context for many years.  I think that these disadvantages have actually deepened my appreciation for music, though.  I find that I have great respect and admiration for people with the talent and dedication to hone musical talents, being someone who never had the patience required to excel in music.  Additionally, my inability to perform has not lessened my enjoyment of music;  I’ve spent about half of my life in urban Massachusetts and the other half in rural southwest Virginia, and in crossing cultural boundaries I’ve had to experience and learn to enjoy vastly different styles of music.  I’m glad that this is the case, because I now know of a wide array of music and am able to listen to different genres and styles based on how I feel and whether I want to just have music in the background or do nothing but listen to music and only concentrate on the sounds and the feelings they transmit.  Here’s a song I like to listen to just mellow out and decompress after dealing with whatever stress crops up in my life.