On Thursday night, Matt and Kim came to campus to perform for the students. Since there was a chance of rain that night, the venue was moved from outside in Patterson Court to the Duke Performance Hall. This inhibited many students from attending the concert because the Union Board could only hand out a certain amount of tickets and also deterred many people who originally wanted to attend. I was not particularly excited for that the location of the concert had been moved since I had seen Matt and Kim before at a musical festival during the summer and did not imagine that the energy would be anything like that, especially in a small enclosed space filled with theatre chairs. I decided that I would attend the concert anyways since I enjoy their music and think that Matt and Kim are both great performers that interact with the crowd unlike most other artists that I had seen live. My friends and I arrived at the concert, and all of the lights were still on and less than fifty people filled into the theatre chairs. A man who played somber sounding music on a keyboard sang while everyone sat, waiting for the main act to come on. I was disappointed and disinterested; my friends and I ended up leaving and waiting for the first act to finish before returning.

After receiving many texts that Matt and Kim had just come onto the stage, my friends and I raced back to Duke Performance Hall. By this time, the lights had gone down, and the seats and the pit had filled up. We squeezed our way into the pit through the screaming fans. I was quite surprised that I enjoyed the concert despite the unique environment. The small indoor venue with seating created an intimate setting, and Matt and  Kim’s energy radiated throughout the hall. The confetti that fell from the ceiling and Kim crowd surfing were elements that I thought would not be possible with an indoor concert. They were able to put on a performance that was comparable to the one that I had experienced at the musical festival this past summer.