Well, the end is near. I can honestly say that before this class, English and Music had never been a favorite class of mine, but this class definitely was the exception to that. It made both of these subjects much more interesting, and allowed me to study different sides of the subjects that I never really knew existed.  I enjoyed every minute of our class discussions and will definitely miss them. Before this class, I never really noticed the meaning behind music. To me, music had always been some kind of background noise that played in the car, restaurants, etc. However, it is much more than that. Each song has a certain culture, or in some cases a fake one like Adiemus, and I never realized how we sometimes cut that from a song. This class allowed me to delve deeper into subjects that I never really knew existed in the first place. I never thought, nor knew, about ethnomusicology, or schizophonia, yet throughout my study of them, I have found them to be really interesting topics. They touch on many different subjects besides music and English, like politics, history, etc. Without this class, I never would have known how much music was tied to other subjects. This is partly why I chose to observe the different cultures and interactions that are on display throughout Live Thursday Events.


Finally, I would like to say thank you to everyone that made this class so enjoyable to me, and especially Dr. Weinstein, for making these subjects interesting and fun to study. I truly have not had an English class that, as a whole, was so devoted to the topics, books, etc. that we studied before this one. Throughout this class, I feel like I learned more than just English, but history, politics, music, ethnomusicology, and in some cases geography.  So, now as I study for finals while my headphones play music into my ears, I’ll no longer just think of it as a white noise, but something much more. Even though for some of us this may be the end of studying ethnomusicology and schizophonia, we will never forget what we learned in this class. So, maybe this is not the end after all.