Some of my favorite things to listen to are soundtracks. I really enjoy particularly the classical aspects of the soundtracks of movies and this tends to be what my study music is. However, I also like to just listen to the soundtracks and picture in my mind a particular scene from the movie where this melody is heard. Surprisingly to me, when I focus on the music and connect it to the scene, the scene tends to have the words muted as I focus on the background music and what the characters are doing. It has also happened to me, in two different forms, that after having heard the soundtrack by itself and then watching the movie I recall the differences between the recorded soundtrack by itself and how it sounds when combined with the movie. This is for movies I had watched before listening to the soundtrack by itself. There have also been movies, however, that I have watched based on having first listened to the soundtrack. In this case, I enjoy recognizing specific parts of the soundtrack within the movie and I am sometimes able to recall something I was doing while I listened to it without watching the movie.

Something related that I have experienced recently is listening to a classical song that does not come from a soundtrack and picturing in my mind scenes of imaginary movies to which the particular song would fit as a soundtrack. If I am listening to a sad melody, I tend to picture a sad scene in a movie and base it off of movie scenes I already know. I find this is a good way for me to relax as I listen to the music and give my mind a rest by creating scenes and inciting my creativity.