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Section F, Fall 2016

The Perfect Studying Technique

Well it’s that time of the year again boys and girls! We’ve been through finals periods before, but nothing like this. One great thing about this that will (hopefully) help us with the transition is the process of self-scheduled finals. This is extremely encouraging because we’ll have so much time to study for the finals we will be taking. The biggest X factor when going through the process is using the best studying techniques. Even though we were all admitted into Davidson so for the most part we had to find an effective studying technique at one point or another, studying for anything at  Davidson has been something brand new for all of us this semester. Everyone has different ways of studying, but I think I have finally found the best method of studying (for me at least). In relation to the class, this of course includes music.

Different subjects and studying techniques constitute different songs and styles. When writing papers, I need something with a beat, but not fast enough to get me hyped up. Most of the time I turn the music down and just try to let it be background noise so that my thoughts will flow. Silence is ideal when writing papers, but there are very few silent places where I usually write papers and no matter the atmosphere, silence or no silence, I have a bad tendency of getting distracted. This environment, because I have kept it constant throughout the semester, has really benefitted in helping me to concentrate on the papers that need to be written and not to worry about outside noise and activity.

When working on things that do not require at much critical thought and are characterized more on the analytical side (like some parts of math, science, or a foreign language), I find myself using more upbeat music that will get me pumped and ready to knock the work out. Because I don’t have to think about my personal analysis of the situation or bring in personal thoughts or feelings, this music has proved to benefit me the most; I can just listen to the music and get into my “Let’s get everything done” zone. I go into a similar zone when cleaning up around the house back at home or just polishing up the room.

Studying is an activity that is not normally fun; it is something that you have to bring energy and thought into in order to show the results that you want to be shown. In relation to Connor Huh’s post, I can’t really listen to music during a test. It is a little too distracting for me, but for finishing papers, studying, and tearing up some homework, music is definitely the key in true concentration and focus.

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  1. I can relate a lot to your post because I also have different kinds of music adapted to different tasks that I do. I agree that silence is necessary for things such as writing papers and reading and for these I tend to either listen to classical music (and thus not be distracted by words) or no music at all. I also relate with the aspect of cleaning up as I dread this usually but actually enjoy it if I am able to be playing music. I sometimes use it as a break when I can just pick up and clean listening to music I can sing along to and not think much about.

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