Here are some resources that you might find useful for your own exploration, or to supplement the work we do in class:

  • The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music is an extensive set of volumes covering the world about as extensively as is possible. You can search the entire encyclopedia, browse individual volumes, or look for particular topics of interest. There is also a set of tracks to accompany each volume that you can listen to online.
  • The Oxford Music Online site brings together several music reference sources and allows you to search them all simultaneously. It is most useful for Western art music, but it has been expanded to include a great deal of popular and “world” music, too.
  • The homepage of the Society for Ethnomusicology has a number of resources that give a good idea of what exactly it is that ethnomusicologists do: information about conferences, interest areas within the society, and other professional activities. You can also keep track of Sound Matters, SEM’s blog.