For anyone who didn’t see, here’s a video of my group participating in the 1st annual lip sync battle. I think Union Board got the idea from Jimmy Fallon, but it was so much fun. President Quillen was one of the “celebrity judges” along with professor Lozada. It was a really fun idea, and I was surprised at how many people showed up. Basically, the event was divided into three rounds with battles between the 8 participating groups. It was a bracket, so for round two there were 4 groups, and then two in the final round. The directions said to prepare three one-minute excerpts from different songs. We actually didn’t know the structure of the event until we got there, so we thought we would be performing all our songs at once. My group went with a One Direction theme, and we called ourselves Made in the (5:30) A.M. (1D’s new album is called made in the am and crew practices at 5:30). We only made it to the second round, but it was definitely cool to participate in a musical event that brought together so many people (Serena also competed and her group won…no hard feelings though….).