Writing about World Music

Davidson College, Fall 2015

Music and Math

I find an educated video online about the relationship between music and math. Beethoven was able to convey emotion and creativity using the certainty of mathematics. The simple pattern of triplets actually follows a sophisticated mathematical rule. It is surprising that there is rational mathematical reason for why we are moved by the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. To relate to what we learned in class, this evidence also proves music is universal since all music are constituted by existed keys on the scale and combinations of different chords. By combining different chords together and putting them into different tempo, we have different styles of music. However, all music is made of the same elements and follows the similar rules.


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  1. Both the talk of math and music in this video go way over my head. However, I still find this video very interesting. I had no idea that math and music were so intertwined. I also agree with you that this does speak to the universality of music because I imagine their are mathematical patterns that are found in most musical compositions around the world. But this also makes me wonder whether the music of Beethoven would appeal to someone who is not familiar with western music at all. Would this musical pattern appeal to everyone? Or just people who are pre-exposed?

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