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Davidson College, Fall 2015

Two Steps from Hell

Two Steps from Hell is an American Production Music Company that is responsible for the composition of a large quantity of music that is used today in trailers, television series, and even video games. Although often unnoticed, the group led by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix have been a part of some of the most iconic franchises in movie history to date. I recently took notice of them as I was watching a movie trailer and my friend pointed out the music that was used to make the trailer so powerful was by them. Immediately, I started looking up more of their work and was amazed to see just how much of their work I already knew but just didn’t notice. If you have never heard of the group, I highly recommend that you look up some of their stuff, for I am almost certain that most people have heard a part of their work in some capacity, and it is nearly always some of the most powerful music one could ever listen to. My fascination with the group has grown, as I have come to appreciate the modern usage of classical music which I often thought to be dying. For I was dead wrong in my analysis that classical music was dying. In fact, classical music is actually growing, just not in the places we originally expected. The specialty of classical music today is to make something else seem more powerful as opposed to mainstream music that often stands on its own. Nevertheless, Two Steps from Hell has provided music that in my opinion is so tremendous that it should be able to stand on its own and get the credit and respect that it deserves. Below I’ve included some videos of their music. One features a compilation of movies where their music was present, and the other features one of their most powerful compositions. I hope you all enjoy.

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  1. I have heard Two Steps from Hell! The music they produce is amazing. I believe that they produce very powerful sound and that is why it is so often used in trailers, movies and video games. Something about the music transcends certain strong emotions. I agree with you that it is great that classical music is appreciated by many young people since it has seen a decline over the past decades. I think it is interesting how the music almost always seems to be taken from a movie (and not the other way around).

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