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Davidson College, Fall 2015

Music and Memory

One of the most fascinating aspects of music, in my opinion, is how it bring back memories. Sometimes this is a great thing because there are such happy memories associated with certain songs and other times, it’s not so great because perhaps I don’t want to remember something that is associated with that song. For example, I remember listening to “Blackbird” by The Beatles in the car with my dad in one summer when I was really young. I remember thinking that it was a lullaby and feeling so at peace. Because of this memory, “Blackbird” has been one of my favorite songs for my whole life. On the other hand, I remember listening to “100 Years” by Five for Fighting when I found out my uncle had died when I was in sixth grade. Even though I love the actual song, I can’t listen to it anymore because of the memories.


I also think having memories associated with music is so great sometimes because every song is a new opportunity. Every new song I listen to can have a new memory associated with it someday. And if I want to, I can associate certain feelings with certain songs. For example, two years I made a playlist called “Summer” and put only happy, warm songs on it. I would listen to this when I drove around in the summer or on beautiful days in the winter or whenever I was in a good mood, so those songs have a positive connotation to me. I’ll always find these associations so cool because, even though some memories and associations are uncontrollable, I can make any song the perfect song for certain moods.

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  1. I also agree that music can invoke certain memories, whether they are good or bad. There are some songs that every time I hear I go back to a certain moment in time. For example, whenever I hear House Party by Sam Hunt, it takes me back to this summer where me and my friends would listen to it every single time we drove somewhere. I also have memories of when I was younger of my dad always listening to the greatest hits of Cat Stevens, whenever he would take me places. Since being in college I have found myself listening to Cat Stevens and it floods my mind with all the memories I had at home with my dad. I think it would be very interesting to study the correlation between music and memory, because there certainly is a connection between the two, and it is very cool. Its amazing how one song can take you back to a certain point in time, and make you feel things that you wouldn’t have felt without it.

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