Imagine a world without CDs. A few years back you would think that would be crazy and maybe you still do. However, as the world becomes more modern and advanced in technology, it is predictable that one day CDs will no longer be made like phonographs. Well once Starbucks used to have a relationship with record companies in selling artist CDs such as Carly Simon. This historical event was explained by Spencer Kornaber, a journalist for the Atlantic, in an article about how the Starbucks was a major disappointment to the increase of CD sales.

Believe it or not but Starbucks used to have relationships with record companies to sell and promote CDs in their coffee shop to their customers. Although it is quite difficult to remember if Starbucks ever did promote music in CD form, Kornaber explains that in 1994 Starbucks had began to sell CDs in their store and was seen as a record industry rebel. People from record labels such as Howard Schultz agreed that Starbucks would be a great place to have music sold and this brought large artist to take part in this business such as Paul McCartney. The reason for this was because Starbucks allowed artist to have more freedom to decided where to have chains of their music sold compared to the record stores which were regulated by companies such as Universal. However, all good things came to an end. Starbucks soon began to run into trouble. What Schultz saw as a prospering idea had been altered. Starbucks had soon tried to move towards a more digital spectrum in order to compete with other large brands. Thus, the modernity of Starbucks had allowed them to lack in advertising music in their stores and begin to stop selling physical CDs.

As we continue to move towards a more technological world, we might not see Starbucks selling CDs anymore. However, not only would we see Starbucks putting a stop to CD sells but also other companies as well. With large online companies that offer music such as Spotify and Pandora will lead to an extinction of CDs as everything will soon become digital.


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