Do you want to be smarter and have a higher IQ? Well here is the trick. Find a way to engage in musical training. Yes, it only takes a few practice sessions on reading musical notes and playing an instrument. According to the The Conversation’s journalist Amy Spray, music is has been a mind-pounding topic to researchers based on its ability to effectively have people complete task swiftly.

Spray explains that music training has provide results that demonstrated how individuals tend to improve in skill areas such as memorization, verbal communication, literacy, and verbal intelligence. Although it is weird to find that learning music will make one better in a skillset area, Spray is right. She explains that the brain often responds quicker when it is put through exercises such as memory. She proves this by explaining an experiment that was done in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers had experimented with students who had underdeveloped brains because of their young ages and found that the students that were put in musical training compared to those who were in officer training performed better in an accelerated course. Spray explains that the fact that the students in musical training were exposed to exercise that demanded accuracy and speed allowed them to react at quicker times which lead to a faster time of remembering information. Therefore, Spray suggested that if more students were exposed to musical training, they could improve on their skills and do well in school.

Thus, listening to music and remember the lyrics will not suite this situation. One must take the time to engage in more demanding musical training in order to challenge one’s brain to think at a faster rate.


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