Finals week has arrived, which means that students are putting in tons of hours in the library in order to prepare for their exams. Over the course of the past week, I have noticed many students studying with their headphones in, and many others studying without their headphones. It seems like for some, listening to music is a focus aid during study time, and for others listening to music is a distraction. It would be interesting to hear student’s thoughts on why they use, or choses not to use, music in order to prepare for exams.

As for me, certain genres of music keep me focused, while other genres distract me from my work. Specifically, listening to classical music, especially classical piano music, helps me to stay focused. Whenever I listen to music for fun, it is usually in the soft rock or electronic genre, not classical music. However, when I try to listen to my leisure music as I study, I get distracted. I think that music has the potential to be a significant aid to students while they prepare for exams, so long as they find the right kind of music to listen to. I’d love to hear your opinion about study music and what specific genres work best for you as you study. Or, if you don’t like listening to music while you study, explain why.