Due to some shifts in the course schedule and my conference travel, I have had to change around the schedule for our final unit of the course. Readings should be prepared in advance for the date they are listed. The following set of readings and assignments takes the place of what is listed on the syllabus:

Week 10

October 25: Introduction to the final project; no assignment
October 27: Read the introduction to Contemporary Carioca (pp. 1–24) and Chapter 7 from Bohlman’s Very Short Introduction

October 30: Project Proposal due (prompt to be posted in the Assignments section)

Week 11

November 1: Peer critique of project proposals; read Bruno Nettl, “Come Back and See Me Next Tuesday”
November 3: Read Moehn, chapters 1 and 2

November 6: Draft 1 (first thick description) due

Week 12

November 8: Peer critique; review Geertz
November 10: Society for Ethnomusicology meeting; no class, but there will be an extra credit opportunity

November 13: Draft 2 (second thick description) due

Week 13

November 15: Peer critique
November 17: Read Moehn, chapters 3 and 4

Week 14

November 22: No Class

November 23: Draft 3 due

Week 15

November 28–30: Peer Critiques TBA

Reading and Exam Period

Office Hours:

December 9, 11:00–4:00
December 12, 11:00–5:00
December 13, 11:00–5:00
December 14, 10:00–3:00

December 15: Project 3 due by 5:15pm